About Kirsten

Kirsten M. Nelson

Hi! I’m Kirsten Nelson. I get to spend my days helping business owners avoid the common pitfalls of “shoot from the hip” marketing campaigns.

Purpose, direction and focus are essential ingredients to both professional and personal success. And I love helping business owners connect these three ingredients.

A Seattle transplant from Idaho, I work as a marketing consultant, copywriter and ghostwriter–I love geeking out in the world of business and entrepreneurialism.

When I don’t have my nose in a book or face in a spreadsheet, my two boys and my orange cat Elvis (he’s a hunka’ hunka’ purrin’ love) keep me challenged, happy and growing. I’m a learning junkie who loves working with entrepreneurs and business owners.

Some More About What I Do

I specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs with passion and a message to clarify objectives and create a solid plan of action to achieve business goals. My favorite part of this process is helping business owners get to know their ideal customers/clients better: what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night, what problems they face.

My background is in business administration, finance and marketing. But my real passion isn’t life from a cubical–it’s working with clients and helping them find words to powerfully share their messages. After graduating from Boise State University, I ditched the 9-5 routine for motherhood and entrepreneurialism. As a copywriter, ghostwriter internet radio show host and international speaker, my strengths range from writing and editing to website optimization and social media marketing.

Because of my incurable addiction to learning, my insatiable curiosity has led me to clock over 10,000 hours in personal research and extended education in human behavior and it’s many applications in business, marketing and life. This hefty cache of gleaned knowledge serves as quite the powerful toolbox in helping clients (like you) understand your ideal customers and crafting messaging that converts.

My clients often tell me, “I don’t know how you do what you do, or even what it is that you do…but it WORKS! But it’s so much more than marketing advice, to-do lists and awareness campaigns!” (This usually makes me blush and grin from ear to ear). While I’m not going to give away the particulars of my secret sauce, but the gist of it is, I get people. And I care about them, too.

I’d love to hear from you! Let’s connect and see how I can help you reach your business goals.